Hi everyone,

Here is a quick update on the last week’s accomplished work.

First of all, I continued to follow a pixel art tutorial I began some weeks ago. Techniques I’m learning in this course and from pixel art related YouTube channel is beneficial. I can’t guarantee that the game will be more appealing graphically this time, but it will surely be less ugly.

I created the project and set up the Universal Render Pipeline for the project on Unity. This will allow me to use “real” 2D light this time instead of a completed mask layer black magic like last time.

I also put a lot of time on the Trello board, I think that I add cards for at least 90% of the tasks to do for this project. Knowing more about what I’m doing this time is really helpful here.

Finally, I completed the game main scene Mockup. There is a look. It will undoubtedly change in the future, but this allows me to have a good idea of the size and placement of everything.

Many elements change position compare to the first version and, for the majority, quite bigger. This might help if I want to go for a mobile release.