Good evening everyone,

I’m now writing a quick mid-week post concerning the progress of the project.

First news, the game is now for sale on! I will also post part of my “development log” there, so you can follow there too if you want. page
The page

I have also started to set up HumbleBundle as a store page. The page isn’t finished yet, but it should be done by the start of next week. I don’t want to focus too much on adding more stores just yet. However, I will do it later when I’m done remastering the game.

On Steam, I posted a patch update to the game. This allowed me to get back into the game code and mindset. Even though I am remastering the game, I still want to support people who have already purchased it.

Finally, I updated the game page on IndieDB, some information was missing. While working on the store pages, I took the opportunity to correct it.

I start programming for the game tomorrow, my next blog posts will surely be a little more technical … to see!