Hello everyone,

This update comes a bit late, but it does contain several exciting achievements.

Firstly, regarding programming, I realized several features managers:

  • MouseManager: Manage the mouse pointer and the interaction with the elements under the cursor.
  • CursorManager: Manage cursor sprite loading and scaling.
  • SoundManager: Manage the game sounds, FX and music. It also manages the sound level, globally or by source.
  • GameManager: Manage the game states and global logic.

I also start playing with the lighting system. I try global, sprite, point and parametric lights. I like the result of my test scene.

The lightning test scene

In the preview above, you can see, a sprite light (the ColdMechanics logo on the left), a point light (the blue one moving all around) and a parametric light (on the right).

I transferred the Trello task board to GitKraken Glow. After trying it, I prefer this last one. The way it works is more intuitive and efficient then Trello. The new URL for the board is: https://app.gitkraken.com/glo/board/X0s5RvgTlQASsiHK

My new GitKraken Glow board

The default game mouse cursor is now created in multiple sizes to scale with the game.

Default cursor (size x5)

The cursor can be huge on some screen, so I may add an option to keep it at a standard size (32×32 pixel).

Finally, I imported the pixel art looking fonts. I used the fonts named Bandwidth 8×8 Monospaced, Centurion 8×8 Monospaced and Terminus 8×8 Monospaced. These look good and are different enough to fit for the two writers in the logbook. For a preview of the fonts, you can see them here.