It’s been a long time since I write a post on this blog. During the last four weeks, I made many significant advancements to the game, and it is now really close to a playable state! These are the principal advancements done in this period:

Collectable Items

I have drawn the items that you will collect during the game.

Basic Menus

I created the Main menu and Parameters menu.

The Main menu doesn’t do many things right currently. Only the Quit and the Parameters button works.

But the Parameters menu is fully functional, allowing to:

  • Change the game resolution.
  • Toggle the Fullscreen mode.
  • Change the sound level.
  • Change how the cursor display.

The Puzzle Scene

I did some work on fine-tuning the puzzle item and place them on the scene. There is a preview of how it’s right now.

The Game Logic

I’m now at the stage where the code is, this is working:

  • The puzzle elements (lever, valves, button and more) can now interact with one another.
  • The lights can be turned on, off and change color.
  • Activate puzzle elements only when light shines on them.
  • The puzzle elements interact with the mouse cursor correctly. You can only click on the ones that are activated and when the cursor hovers them.
  • The game can be reset.
  • The clock is working (at the top-left on the image below).

The first puzzle is working! There is a preview.