It`s been some time since my last post, but there his the main advancements that I accomplish during the last weeks.

Particle Effect

New pixel-like particle effects are now present in the game. I really like the effect that I get with these.

There is a preview:

Steam particle effect

Splash Screen

I add splash screens that will play when the game begins.

Game Icon

I draw the new game icon for the Remastered version.

This is what the new icon looks like:


To simplify and accelerate the build-test-release process, by implementing Build and publishing scripts.

I have no picture for that, sorry, but this step takes me enough time to implement that I want to at least write about it in the blog.

Achievement Manager

When completing some step, the player will now unlock an achievement at the same time.

This was already existing in the first version and now exist in the remastered one.

Also, I add a new one, and more may be on the way.

Text Typing Effect

The first game typing effect has been transferred to the remastered version.

This will be used in the intro and outro scene.

Toast and Modal System

These two systems help display information to the user.

The Toast will display quick important information to the user.

Toast on achievement completion

The Modal will display a menu for the player to do a choice on some actions.

Modal on Esc keypress

And more…

  • Build on Linux, MacOS and Windows.
  • Transition effect between scenes.
  • Fix some bugs in the new Mouse/Cursor scripts.
  • Optimize game logging.
  • Use Mixers to play sound.
  • Update game engine to Unity 2020.2.
  • New Blog theme.

Overall, it has been 46 commits fixing and adding elements to the game!